Wednesday, March 01, 2006

American Idol - 10 Ladies

I decided to wait until this morning to write my review of the ladies last night because I wanted to see what I remembered, what stood out. The first thing that I remember is the judges. After watching American Idol since the beginning, I'm convinced the producers WANT them to take jabs at each other like they do, especially Randy and Paula at Simon. While Simon may be a bit harsh at times, I find I agree with him 98% of the time. And I'm sick of Ryan. Since he started hosting this show his fame and everything has taken off big time. Now he has a big head. Ryan, get a grip, come back down to earth and be a normal person again - and quit jabbing at Simon every chance you get, it's gotten old.

The lady I remember the most is Lisa Tucker. She's only 16 but WOW!! What a voice! As Paula said, I listen to her sing and I have a hard time remembering she's only 16. I thought she did great. I don't remember the song she sang, but I remember it was really amazing, especially how she ended it. I'm not sure if she can win this, but she should go far and have a future in the industry.

The 2nd lady is Mandisa. She really has quite a voice and personality. I can see how she could easily win this. But as the judges said all night - and have said every since this show began - song selection, song selection, song selection. This was not a good song selection for her.

The other lady I remember is Brenna Gethers. Not because she sang well, but because of her attitude. Actually, I didn't like song she sang or her performance, it was rather blah. But her attitude just sucked. She thinks she's awesome but really, she wasn't all that great. Then again, I DID remember her, so maybe that counts for something.

I did like a few others, like Kellie Pickler mainly for the same reasons Simon said, she's just a likeable person, which isn't a bad thing, though her song choice didn't do much for me. The gal who did the Donna Summer tune was very boring, looked like she was just going through the moves, The gal who did the cowboy thing was also rather bland. But the jock gal was good. I liked what Simon said, "If we said next week you have to juggle, you'd go out and learn how to juggle and do it quite well by next week." She's got promise, she just needs to learn to relax a little and have fun.

I said it above but I'll say it again. Each year the judges say the same thing, so you'd think by now the people in this years competition would know better. Song selection, song selection, song selection. Pick something that will show you off, not something because you like the song. It's good that you do like it, but it can also be very boring to watch and won't show you off. At least towards the end the judges were all in agreement about stuff and not jabbing too much.

After sleeping on it, very few of them I remember well, some I don't remember at all. Not sure who will get voted off, and I won't be voting - I don't vote until like the final six or so, just depends on the contestants and who I like. Tonight we'll see what the guys can do and I'll write about it tomorrow.