Thursday, March 02, 2006

American Idol - 10 Guys

Last night the guys were TONS better than the girls! I think this year a guy will win. There were a few so-so performances, but overall they were very good! So here's what I remember after sleeping on it.

The guy who went last - Chris Daughtry - was VERY good. While I don't like the type of music he sang, he did an amazing job and had a great stage performance! He shocked me.

Elliot Yamin was also very good. I enjoyed his song a lot. Very different from what Chris sang, so I'm not sure which guy I like better. But I'm sure both will be around long enough for me to figure that out.

Gedeon McKinney was the other big standout for me. Don't remember what he sang, just that I enjoyed it a lot and thought he did very good.

I thought Ace Young did not do well at all, but the judges really liked it. To me a lot of notes sounded out of tune, sharp. But there have been plenty of times I thought the person sucked and everyone (even Simon) loved it, so maybe my ears just heard wrong. ;) Ace wasn't THAT bad, just so-so for me.

The two worst were David Radford (sang the Sinatra song) and Sway. Both just missed the mark. I'm sure David is going home tonight and Sway might. But right on their heals was Kevin Covais. He can sing well, but this was a bad performance, and he's not going to with the competition. Since he's only 16, if he can stick around long enough, he might learn a lot to help him in the future - maybe come back another year? He might also go home tonight.

Will Maker was better than I thought he would be, but still nothing special. Same with Bucky Covington.

Then there's Taylor Hicks. The dude looks like he's 40, not 29. But he can sing well and has a fantastic personality. I think he'll stick around for a few weeks, but won't win this.

I still am not sure which girls will go home tonight, but I think David, Sway and Kevin are in the bottom, with at least one of them going home. Guess we'll see tonight!