Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Non-Carbonated Water??

Ok, so what's up with this?  You grab a bottle of "water", you know, that expensive stuff that you can get out of your faucet.  It says, "100% Natural", "Non-carbonated", etc.  But when you unscrew the cap, it makes that "fssst" sound, the same you get from a plastic bottle of soda.  If it's non-carbonated and supposed to be just simply water, then why does it make that sound?  I'm sure there's a good reason - and if so, please tell me in the comments!  I just don't get it...

Friday, June 16, 2006

Google Calendar is COOL!!!

I've been using Google Calendar for awhile now.  It's great for my wife and I, we have a calendar that both of us see and can update so when either one of us has something come up, we can update the calendar and we always know what we're doing.  It's a clean, simple, and easy to use interface.

AND I just found out you can publish a tiny calendar on a web page.  Look my ORPUG blog to see the calendar on the right.  Very cool!  Man, I LOVE Google!!

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