Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Freaking cool video!!

This is just simply amazing! After you start the video, put your mouse on the video, hold down the mouse button and move your mouse. Is that awesome or what?!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Men's vs. Women's Bathroom

At our office the women's bathroom is quite different from the men's. I've never actually been in there, only seen a little bit as I walked by and someone was going in or coming out. First off, there's music playing. They also have a bench to sit on and quite often you can hear several women in there having a lively conversation, I'm sure they've been there for longer than just the call of nature. I'll bet there's also candles, maybe some essential oil diffuser thingy, hints of lavender and and other women stuff.

The men's room is simple, plain, used for one thing. But if the women can have their special room decorated nicely and all womanly, I say we men should be able to upgrade our bathroom.

First, replace one of the urinals. Instead of pulling the handle to flush, you pull the handle to fill your glass with beer! Get rid of the bland colors and put up some posters and tool company calendars, sports team logos, street and other traffic signs, a nice hunting trophy or two. Replace the tile floor and carpet with garage flooring. Have a radio on the sports channel or better yet, a flat screen tv above every stall showing your favorite sporting event. When you flush, make it sound like you are reving the engine on a muscle car. Put a high powered exhaust fan in one area so you can have a quick cigar before heading back out. And instead of paper towels coming from a little ugly metal container, have some life-size carboard cutouts of some Hooters gals holding the paper towels for us.

We are men! Let us have our manthroom!

More ID 10 T Drivers

What was up yesterday with drivers? It must have been "Be an A$$hole to Rich" day or something.

I'm bringing Maddie home from the dentist and on 217. Speed limit is 55. I'm going 62ish in the left lane passing cars in the right lane. Car in front of me is going 62, I can't go any faster. The car behind me has to be less than 6 feet from my bumper. She's honking at me, flashing her brights and flipping me off wanting me to move over! Normally I don't move when they won't gain anything by getting around me. But this time I had Maddie in the car, asleep and recovering from the surgery, so I felt a little more like being careful. About 3/4's of the way up 217 I finally was able to pull over - and got flipped off as she went by. Then she went right up to the next car and did the same thing. Just once I really wish a cop were sitting somewhere to see that.

Then while bringing Riley home we stopped at Albertsons to pick up the X-Men Playstation 2 game I promised him. We're getting ready to leave, he's in the car and I'm talking to him, he's still a little out of it and upset about how his mouth feels. As I'm talking with his door wide open, this cab driver decides she needs to park in the spot right next to me but can't until I close Riley's door. I see her there but Riley is more important. Plus there are TONS of other parking spots. After maybe a minute, she starts honking at me and yelling at me to move. Well, by now I'm really tired and have already had one bad driver experience, so I'm in the best mood. I turn around, look at her, and say loudly enough so she can hear, "Gee, I'm soooo sorry the parking lot is sooooo full that you can't find another spot and HAVE to have this one." Then I go back to trying to calm down Riley. She honks again and this time I say, "Hey! My son just got out of oral surgery and isn't feeling great! I'm going to talk to him until he's calmed down THEN I'll get in the car! Go park somewhere else if you're in such a hurry!!" She honks, yells, and waits. I ignore her, get Riley calmed down and close his door. She zooms up fast but has to slam on the brakes when I open my door almost hitting it. I didn't think she'd do that or I would not have opened my door yet. I gave her a dirty look, had several choice words to say but for once wisely kept my mouth shut, and got in my car closing my door. She zoomed up, opened her door and continued yelling at me. Riley asked, "Why is she yelling at us, Daddy?" "Some people are just mad all the time and don't have any patience," I said. As we left I just gave her a big smile and waved.

It was really and truely a weird driving day.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Starlight Parade

Had a great time as always with the Starlight Parade this last Saturday. Man, a little over a week ago I got a little sick. Not enough to really put me down, but enough to make me tired, all phloemy, stuffed up, the usual ickiness. I've gotten back to about 98% and stayed there for a long time. Part of it I'm sure is not getting enough sleep. It was a little tough marching because I was tired. But I made it. Fortunately it's a short parade. The upcoming Rose Parade is much longer. I need to get lots of sleep this week, eat right, etc, etc. I just want to get over feeling tired and get rid of this stupid phloem stuff.

But it was fun and I had a good time. My lips survived which I was a little worried about since I'm horribly out of shape. My New Years Resolution this year was to keep playing until next years rehearsals start. It's easy to want to take a day off, play a game at lunch, etc, but I really need to keep in shape so next year my lips won't hurt as much, won't be as chapped, and I'll have more fun.

Geez, I sound rather pathetic, huh? Well, I know no matter what, I'll have a great time at the Rose Parade, I always do. :)

On another note (no pun intended), every year they get these beauty pageant types to hold our banners and march with us. This year they have Miss Oregon Teen. She's 17. I've been in the band longer than she's been alive!

I'm old. ;)