Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hyundai ad

I just saw a new ad on TV for the Hyundai Santa-Fe. In this commercial, they sprayed water on a giant yellow piece of plastic that they put on the road making a very long slip-n-slide. At the end of the commercial they were talking about how sure footed the Santa-Fe is because it stayed on the wet road like it was dry.

Um, I don't know a TON about cars, but isn't staying on a wet road like that more a function of the tires than the car itself? If the car can grip the wet road, that's all in the tires. So this ad was very misleading. At least to my limited understand of cars.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

New Diet!

Have a special event coming up - class reunion, company party, hot date - and you need to lose 10+ pounds in two days? Think it's impossible to do it? I've got the diet for you!

Don't waste time trying to eat zero carbs. No exercise needed. No grapefruit. No diet pills. This is 100% natural and guaranteed to work!

What can this wonderous thing be? How is this possible? Have I found some alternate dimension where two days here is two months there? How much does this cost? And is it from Ronco?

First the price. It's FREE! That's right! No cost, no shipping, you pay nothing. Are you interested? Want to know what this is? Ok, I'll tell you. It's called...

The Stomach Flu!

That's right, nature's own little bug that grabs your stomach, twists it inside out, upside down, in a zillion knots, then makes you empty everything that was in there. But that's not all! After you have emptied your stomach, this wonderous bug won't let you eat anything else! It'll make you want to sleep for at least one day, maybe two. During that time this bug is still going strong and won't let you eat a thing.

Yes, you'll feel a little weak, won't be able to go dancing all night without passing out, but isn't that a small price to pay for dropping that weight quickly so you can look good for that special event?

How do you catch this fantastic bug? That's the tough part. You can't just go to your local pharmacy and buy it. There are several ways you can get it though. Find someone who has it and let them breath on you. Find an area where this bug is spreading and visit a doctors office or a school, preferably with kids in 2nd grade or less who's resistance is low but bug carrying ability is high. Wander around shopping malls looking for people coughing and follow them trying to get some of their cough to land on you.

So remember, the next time you need to drop some weight really fast, go looking for The Stomach Flu!

Seriously, our family caught this thing and it was nasty. I RARELY throw up. I mean I'll roll around on the floor fighting it for hours until I don't have to throw up. This time I started feeling a little bad around 4pm, and by 6pm I was seriously puking! An hour and a half later, puked again. I could NOT hold it back! Finally I slept. Felt like I was going to throw up again at 10:30pm, but didn't HAVE to. So I fought it and won this time! Ate a tiny bit of a cracker and that settled my tummy. I slept through the night, got up, checked my email, 15 minutes later was out again, woke up at lunch for an hour this time, and crashed again. I didn't eat anything that day except a few crackers, drink some Fresca. Finally ate a burger at night and slept all night, and was able to go to work Thursday. This was bad, but I did drop 10 pounds. Of course I don't have any energy and am ready to sleep for two days, but it was nice that my pants were a little looser. LOL!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

From the silly but fun department.  I found this on someone elses Flickr page and decided to try it myself.  Some I can agree with, but I think my face broke the software for some of the others.  LOL!  Go ahead, try it yourself!

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Interesting Scott Adams (Dilbert) Blog Posting

I was catching up on my rss feeds with Google Reader (3 days worth) and came across the post below from Scott Adams on his Dilbert Blog about Steve Irwin being killed by a stingray. Now I like Scott Adams and his sense of humor, and I like on his blog he has no problem calling people stupid and foolish when they are being stupid and foolish.

However, this post was out of line. Now while it is probably true that everyone figured Steve Irwin would eventually be killed by some animal - I mean how many of us have seen him or one of these other guys do things we consider insane - the post seemed rude to me because Scott Adams was rubbing Steve Irwin's face in it, like "Told you so!" Just poor taste and bad judgement on Scott Adams part to post this.

So I was curious to see what comments people were leaving about this post. Guess what? It's gone! I'm guessing someone with a few more brains, like his new wife or his publicist, smacked him upside the head telling him to delete it unless he wanted to commit professional suicide. Some things are ok to make fun of, some aren't. This is one where he should have kept his comments to himself. And a good reminder to all of us - in cyberspace, there is no delete, so be careful what you say. So here's his post for you to judge.

What? No Way!

Scott_Adams Sep 04, 2006 - Show original item

I was shocked when I heard the news that the Crocodile Hunter died in a “freak stingray accident.” I had ten dollars bet on “misjudged the speed of a crocodile.” Something tells me that the media already had his obituary written with a fill-in-the-blank for the specific creature that killed him.

Readers of the Dilbert Blog know that I believe death is not a laughing matter, unless the guy who gets killed is in the process of bothering dangerous animals. And by “animals” I include all manner of aquatic, flying, stinging, clawing, bitey things. When someone gets killed doing that sort of thing, it’s a good lesson for the kids. I think it lends credibility when you tell them not to pet strange dogs that are foaming at the mouth. “Don’t pet that dog, Timmy. If you do, you might be killed by an entirely different animal that is not normally considered dangerous. Remember the Crocodile Hunter.”

I remind you that the Crocodile Hunter is the same guy who in 2004 famously fed wild crocodiles with one hand while holding his infant son in the other. Just be glad the Croc Hunter didn’t have triplets because you know he would have tried juggling them.

It seems weird to me that the stingray that got him is now the world’s most famous aquatic creature and doesn’t even know it. He’s probably floating around eating kelp or whatever-the-hell stingrays eat, oblivious to the fact that he’s as famous as O.J. I hope he gets a book deal because I’d like to hear his side of the story. I realize that stingrays have brains the size of a dried raisin, but that doesn’t stop athletes from writing books. All you need is a good co-author.

STINGRAY: “Well, I was minding my own business, eating kelp or whatever-the-hell I eat, when this guy jumps in the water and yells ‘Crikey!’ like a crazy seal. So I killed him and then hired a co-author who is both handsome and talented. You will find his contact information in the back of this well-written book.”

Monday, September 04, 2006

Steve Irwin, the "Crocodile Hunter" dies...

I was in total shock when I heard he had died!  I loved his shows, they were fun, silly, and educational.  I've been reading about it on the web this morning just tragic, such a loss.  I have never understood why great people like Steve Irwin have to die so young when there are so many other horrible people in the world who deserve it more.  My prayers and thoughts go out to his family.