Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Into work early for nothing

I need to install an update to see if it fixes a problem. Last night I tried to do it from home but for some reason the bandwidth was horribly slow. I decided to get into work early in the morning and do it.

I'm in at 5am. Perfect, plenty of time before people need the application for me to install the update. Logon to the server, shutdown the processes. While that's running, logon to the citrix servers that need the update. Get into the first one, open up windows explorer, try to get to the server for the update and find out I can't. Hmmm... I must have typed it wrong, let me try again. Nope, can't. Let me try a different way. No luck. It says that has been turned off. Ok. Let me try it from my computer, can I get into to server with windows explorer? Yep, no problems. Ok, let me try it one more time. Nope, it's just not gonna let me in. Fine, let me try the other citrix server. Same problem.


Now I can't do the update because I can't get the update onto the citrix servers! Nice. Thanks for changing that. I'm supposed to be in the admin group for all the computers so I SHOULD have rights to do this. Someone is going to get an earful when they get in! ...well, actually they'll get a nice earful. As much as I want to yell at them, call them names, tell them various things about how they compare to pond scum, telemarketers and spammers, I've grown and learned over the years it's best to be nice first.

SO I get to try the update again tonight or tomorrow morning, assuming they can get this fixed for me. sigh....

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Not looking my age

When I was in my late teens to early 20's, I looked 5-8 years older than I was. That was cool because people didn't think I was some dumb kid, they took me a little more seriously.

Over the years things changed. Now I'm 45 and look younger, I've had people say I look as young as 34.

Normally I'm really happy about that. But sometimes it's a pain because people sometimes don't take me as seriously as they should, especially in a business/professional environment. Now and then either people write me off as some young kid who doesn't know enough or as some young kid who needs a lecture about stuff. It gets very frustrating when I have 20+ years experience yet people don't want to believe me even when I tell them how much experience I have and how old I am.


Maybe I just need to wear a t-shirt all the time with a picture of my drivers license showing my birth date, or next time I get my hair cut have it died grey. haha