Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Comcast fun

While they are getting better, last night and just now I encountered the old fun Comcast support.

Last night I called to get a service call setup for someone to come out and swap our box with one that has a hdmi output. I was told it would be better for me to go to the service center and swap it myself because 1) If a tech came out we’d be charged a minimum of $19.95, and 2) The tech might not have a box with a hdmi output by the time he go to us. Huh? I was told in the morning the toss in all of the stuff they need for the calls they have. But sometimes things happen and they no longer have what a customer needs by the time they get there. Like another customer might say, “Wait, this one doesn’t have a hdmi output. I need that.” Then the tech – trying to offer good customer service – gives them one of the boxes with that feature. Now by the time he gets to us, he’s given out all of those boxes.

Gee, that makes a lot of sense. How about, “Sorry sir, but I don’t have any of those on my truck.” Then he will still have one for us when he gets to us.

Oh well, that’s ok, going to the service center will save me a little money, no problem. Just now I tried to call the service center to make sure they have the box I want so I don’t make a trip for nothing. I was told I can’t do that. Even the Comcast support number I call can’t call them. When I said, “So there’s no way for me to know if they have the box I want?” I was told, “I’m 99.9% sure they have it. I don’t see any messages saying they are short on the latest boxes, so they’ll probably have it.”

That gives me a nice warm fuzzy. I guess I’ll cross my fingers and rub my lucky rabbits foot while driving over there tonight. ;)