Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wynton telling the truth

If you're into playing music at all, you MUST watch this!


Why are you following me on Twitter?

Long time no post, sorry about that. I've been trying to focus on work and getting things done, and if I start blogging I get side-tracked REAL easy.

Twitter is kinda fun, would be more fun if I had more friends on there. And by friends I mean people I actually know. I'm following a few fun people, like Wil Wheaton and Samantha Murphy from SMTV.

But now and then, I'll have these random people decide to follow me. I don't know these people and when I look at their profiles, I haven't a clue why they have decided to follow me. Some have been companies wanting to use Twitter as a marketing tool, they get banned quickly. Most are just random people that I can't figure out what I might have in common or why they'd want to follow me.

I'm not upset they want to follow me, it's actually kinda neat feeling that some random person thinks my tweets are interesting enough to follow me. It would just be nice if they'd send a message to ME introducing themselves and why they want to follow me. Why? Because I'm the curious type (I HAD to be a cat in a previous life) . :)

So if you want to follow me (I'm richtpt), that's way cool! Just please send me a tweet introducing yourself. Thanks!