Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ah, car salesmen...

I was looking at Parker Johnstone's Wilsonville Honda website at their Internet Specials. The wording for some of these cars just cracked me up. Here's one for a 2005 Accord Coupe:

This new San Marino Red 2005 Accord Coupe is stunning! Parker had it displayed at Portland International Raceway -- the racers said "WOW!" Parker's daughter saw this car when he brought it back to the dealership and said, "Please Daddy!" Parker said, "Sell this car... NOW!"

Ya, right, like I REALLY believe his daughter said that. Here's another one for a 2005 Accord Hybrid:

Fuel prices got you down? Squeamish about being "seen" in one of those funny looking hybrids? Have we got the ride for you! This 2005 Accord Hybrid is elegantly draped in graphite pearl which blends perfectly with the gray leather interior. All the bells and whistles... power this, power that, lots of CDs fit in the player... Only 12,640 miles on the odometer means that you'll enjoy thousands and thousands of miles of reliable, environmentally friendly motoring. Renee thought the $33,695.00 market price was justified, but she knows that our customers deserve "the friends and family" Internet Special price of $28,162.00. Don't tell Parker. He'll have a cow...

LOL!! Remember, don't tell Parker, we don't want him to have a cow! Do people really read these and say, "Wow, I'd better go get that right now!"? They are good prices, but I sure hope these were meant to be funny and not serious. Then again, being a computer geek and being rather logically minded, maybe these tactics really do work on others.