Saturday, January 30, 2010

Two Panoramas

I love creating panoramas! All of mine are hand held. I've tried using a tripod before but I find it takes more time and the results aren't that much better - though once in awhile I don't keep the camera level enough and either have to crop way too much or leave it looking funky. haha

Today I couldn't decide which panorama to put up so I'm doing both. Thanks to Blogger not giving me enough space, I had to post the smaller versions. Please click the photos to see the larger sizes, these are much better larger! The first is from the Pumpkin Patch. Inside the maze there's this bridge you can walk on top and look around. I took several pictures and stitched them together to create this.

Corn Maze Panorama

The second is from several years ago. We were in a parking lot and I saw this really awesome cloud. Took a bunch of photos and stitched them together. It came out very cool!

Storm Clouds today

Again, please click these to see the larger versions, they are definitely more better!