Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Good Enough For Me does NOT equal Good Enough For Everyone Else

Yesterday shortly before I was leaving a gal at the office asked me to scan some photos and print them on glossy paper. Only one really had problems, it was faded, but the rest were fine.  I'm swamped with work but thought I could easily fit that in.  Just scan and print.  No problem.


I enjoy editing photos, but am too much of a perfectionist.  I spent the last four hours working on them, something that should have taken me 1-2 tops.  These are for a poster they will put up celebrating someone's 30 year anniversary here.  That's a long time to work at one company and it's nice to have the photos look good.  But it's not a family portrait that will hang somewhere or anything super special like that.  In reality, once they are done it will probably be trashed.

I keep forgetting that good enough for everyone else is usually WAY lower than what I would accept from my own work.  And I must remember the purpose for the photos.  Maybe I should create something that I can print and hang on my wall next to me about this.

Then again, I'd probably spend way too much time making it perfect.  LOL!