Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Comcast follow-up

Yesterday I received some excellent customer service from @ComcastBonnie on twitter.  She helped me understand a bunch of stuff - and not just related to needing new converter boxes.  I also spoke with someone on the phone who was very nice and understanding, and again, helped me understand what is going on - and took my order for two free boxes and two that I'll be paying $1.99/month.

I think blogging about it yesterday was good.  I was really mad about this and blew off my steam in my post.  By the time I talked with these two people, I was calmer and able to talk with them instead of blowing up at them.

No, I'm still not happy at having to give Comcast yet more money, but I'm ok with everything.  Oh, and last night I saw a Comcast commercial that this time said I WOULD need either a cable or converter box.  I found that funny after I complained their commercials said I didn't need anything.  haha