Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I've been with Comcast for a long time (we have our TV, internet and phone with them) and while they aren't GREAT, I haven't really had too many problems or issues. In fact, for the last probably five years, I can't think of a single problem.

The government says all over-the-air TV will become digital and you'll need a converter box. Hmmm... I'm on Comcast, they say they have digital cable. Does that mean I still need a box?

I give them a call and ask specifically about the TV's I have connected directly to the wall outlets, not through a cable box. They tell me I'm fine, I don't need any additional equipment. Cool!

I tweet @ComcastCares asking the same question. His answer was a little confusing but my understanding was again I was fine, no additional equipment needed. More Coolness!! (Then again, maybe I missunderstood him, which is possible.)

All of Comcast's tv commercials say if you're a Comcast customer, you're set, good to go, you don't need additional equipment. WOOHOO!!

Then I get this letter in the mail from them saying I DO need additional equipment.

What they are saying is I don't need anything for the government-mandated switch. HOWEVER, Comcast is changing channels 32-71 to digital format and I need a box for THAT!


Wait, wasn't I told I didn't need anything? Didn't their commercials say I didn't need anything? And now they are telling me I DO need something?! WTF?!?! What kind of missleading advertising is that?!

I know a lot of people who slam Comcast and I've always semi-defended them saying things used to be really bad but they've been pretty darn good for us for a long time. After this crap I'm not sure I can defend them anymore.

Oh, I forgot to mention Comcast will be happy to rent us a converter box. It's only $1.99/month/TV. No, it's not THAT much, but it's $1.99/month/TV more that they are getting on top of the already high prices I'm paying.

I've got friends and family with Verizon FIOS and they are very happy. I'm nervous about changing because my wife works from home and simply can NOT have her phone and internet down. But after this latest piece of crap way for Comcast to gouge more money out of us, I'm going to do some heavy research and give them a call.

Comcast, this was really lame on your part!! (And if my parents didn't read this blog there would be a lot more uncensored words here.)