Monday, May 22, 2006

Very Cool Pearl Jam!

I'll admit Pearl Jam isn't one of my favorite bands.  However, I love what they have done with their new music video "Life Wasted".  Here's the Google Blog article:

Attention all Pearl Jam fans

Pearl Jam's new music video "Life Wasted"
is now on Google Video for free! Be sure to check it out now, as free
streaming and download is available only until next Wednesday.

And in line with the band's experimental personality, Pearl Jam released the "Life Wasted" video under a Creative Commons "some rights reserved" copyright license.
What does all that legal gibberish mean to you? It means that you can
download the video for free, share it with your friends, and even post
it on your own site--provided you give the band credit and don't use it
for commercial purposes. It's yet another example of Pearl Jam putting
its fans first.

I think this is great for everyone!  Now if we can just get more bands doing stuff like this.

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