Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Illegal Immigrants...

So we've got all these people who are in this country illegally and they aren't working right now to show how much we depend on them, how much we need them.  Ya, right.

Well of course if they aren't going to be at their jobs those companies will suffer some, and people might not get what they want.  It would be that way with any group walking off the job.  What if all white males 25-30 walked off their jobs for a day or two?

They are trying to say we need them.  Um, WRONG!  If they weren't here, we would simply be employing others who are here LEGALLY!  Maybe some kids would have afterschool jobs again.  Maybe some people who don't go on to college would have an easier time finding jobs.

It doesn't help with companies employ these people.  Those employeers KNOW they are here illegally yet they hire them anyhow.  It's probably because they can pay them less than legal people and they're wanting to save a buck - more money for their pockets.

It's simple.  If you want to live and work in this country, come here legally.  Or at least work at becoming a legal citizen.  Why should I feel sympathy towards someone who is breaking the law?

Oh, and one more thing.  LEARN TO SPEAK ENGLISH!!  I shouldn't have to repeat myself over and over at some fast food restaurant because you can't understand what I'm saying.  And employeers, if they can't speak english, don't let them talk to customers!  I'm not saying forget your culture.  If I were to go to Germany, I would need to speak German to get around.  Sure, plenty probably speak a little english, but if I want to live there, I need to speak the language.  Trying to make them change just for me is wrong.

Sorry, no sympathy here for your Boycott.  You are taking jobs away from LEGAL people who could be working.  WE have to follow the laws, you should too.

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