Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Turn Signals & Stop Signs

I think a lot of people need to either go back to driving school or take their cars in to be fixed. I'm always seeing people turning without using their turn signals. When I see a new car doing this, I want to drive up beside them and say, "Excuse me, I hate to say this about your brand new car, but I think there's a problem with it - your turn signal doesn't work." You're driving along, someone starts slowing down, no signal, you wonder what's going on, then the suddenly turn. The turn signal is there to let others know what you are doing, it's called being polite.

Then there's the other people who turn their signal on about a mile before they want to turn leaving you to wonder if they are ever going to turn. I do realize sometimes you forget to turn it off or on, but those should be the exceptions. I know people who never use their signals, they say it's just a bother.

And when did Stop signs become "just slow down a little" signs? A few years ago I rode the bus for a few months. I gave each stop a rating from 1 to 10, 10 being a full complete stop. I was shocked to watch people roll through the stop sign. Now I don't expect everyone to come to a FULL stop, that would be nice, but heck, I don't even do that sometimes (I pretty much only do it when some jerk is tailgating me because I know it's going to make them mad). Still, at least an 8 would be nice. There were so many that just slowed down and kept going. Many times I almost saw an accident because two people decided to roll through the stop. AND one morning while jogging (it was about 4:30am), I saw a guy not even slow down and blow through the 4-way stop doing at least 40mph (which is the speed limit there).

I watch enough of this and I'm all in favor of photo radars at every light and stop.