Monday, November 21, 2005

Paper Delivery people

I get up at 3:30am to go for my 5 mile run every other morning. Quite often I'll see the people delivering the morning newspaper. They are driving in their car, on the wrong side of the road (so they can toss the paper out), with their hazard lights on. This doesn't really bug me. What bugs me is these people feel laws don't apply to them. First, they are usually driving way too fast in a residential area. I doubt there would be a problem with them coming around the corner and hitting a person or another car at that time of the morning. But just because it is that early doesn't mean they should drive so fast. Second, and my biggest gripe, is they do NOT stop at stop signs - at all! I have seen several different cars delivering papers and the only time they stop is when they have to cross a major road. Around the neighborhood they NEVER stop, not even slow down! So here they are, driving too fast, on the wrong side of the street, and not stopping at stop signs. Maybe I should call the police and tell them they have a chance to hand out some traffic tickets.