Sunday, February 07, 2010

Pinewood Derby 3rd Place!

Riley had a lot of fun yesterday at the Pinewood Derby. The Cubmaster made a fuss over his skateboard car, which made Riley smile big time! They did 6 rounds, which made it really long, 3 would have been enough. When they were done, they setup the movie, "Down and Derby" which was pretty funny - it's about how some dad's go WAY over the top with Pinewood Derby, not letting their kids build them, looking for the best aerodynamics, etc. Half way through we stopped to do awards. We did our derby with a Pack that just started at the new school that opened, many of the kids were from our Pack last year. First they called off the overall winners for the other Pack. Then they got to our Pack and started with 3rd place. I just stood there. He called Riley's name but it didn't register. I saw the kid walk up and said, "Hmmm... that looks like Riley..." Then the Cubmaster said, "Dad, are you gonna take a photo?" WOW! I was in total shock! I'd post that photo, but I was so shocked, I had to turn on my camera and didn't give it time to focus, so it's seriously blurry. D'OH! But I'm keeping it because in 20 years we'll be glad we did, and by then Photoshop will probably be able to fix those. hehe So here's a photo of him after we got home, holding his car and his 3rd place medal! SO PROUD!!!!

Pinewood Derby 3rd pace!