Sunday, February 14, 2010

Maddie at the Monster Truck Show

For the past four years Riley and I have gone to the Monster Truck show. It's been a really fun, we have a great time. This year a friend from school had a birthday on the same day and he decided he wanted to go to that instead. I was a little upset, but it's actually better for him to go to the party, building friendships that could last forever, and all that stuff. So Maddie decided to go along with me - our first big Father/Daughter day!

We had pit passes so got to see the cars close up, had some lunch, then enjoyed the show. She really liked the Monster Trucks, but not the other stuff and got a little bored, so I let her watch Scooby Doo on my Droid. LOL! OH, and we borrowed my Dad's Bose noise canceling headphones for her, I have my own (thanks to Dad). THEY ROCK!!!

So here's Maddie all ready for the show to start. I'll have some more later. And here's a link to the rest of my Monster Truck photos (I took 650 but only posted 146).

Maddie excited for the show to start!