Friday, December 14, 2007

Sometimes there is justice

Yesterday I was on my way to Kinko's. I got off the freeway and came up to the light, there was one car in front of me. As the car in front of me is getting to the light it turns red. This car wasn't driving fast and had plenty of time to stop. But NOOOOO! Mr. "Laws don't apply to me" decides to drive through the red light.

As he drove through I looked to the right to see if any cars were going to jump off the line when it turned green and hit him. And what did my wandering eyes see? A nice police car sitting right there watching the whole thing! The cop was shaking his head, hit the lights and pulled him over to give him a nice ticket.

You see people running red lights all the time and it ticks me off. But it's nice now and then to see someone pay the price. I smiled about that all day!