Monday, December 03, 2007

Some people...

Sunday we took our puppies to the Puppy Romp. It's a one hour play time JUST for dogs 10 weeks to 6 months old, a great way to get the socialized. It was Zoey's last day as she is now 6 months old (and is getting fixed today). We have a great time here and rarely have had or seen any problems.

This time two people just made us shake our heads and wonder what they have for brains.

To make the place playful and fun, they have some things for the dogs to climb on, the walls painted nicely, and a few colorful kites. One is in the shape of a butterfly with some long tails. This must have been the first time Zoey looked up because she started barking at it. We were all laughing, even the gal who runs the place. Zoey wasn't barking a lot and was actually starting to calm down when this other lady saw her and started baking back. Of course this made Zoey bark even more. Marci and the gal who runs the place looked at each other like, "What is up with this lady??" Finally we had to tell Zoey to stop. I REALLY wanted to walk over to that lady and tell her to shut up (actually I would have been nicer and asked her not to do that), but I decided she was the type who wouldn't listen anyhow. So we just told Zoey that was enough, distracted her and she was fine the rest of the time.

The other lady really made us all wonder even more. She has a standard Poodle. For some unknown reason, she just HAD to bring it to the small dog side. Oh, I forgot to say this place has a big dog area and a small dog area so the puppy Mastif's aren't with the puppy Pug's. This time they even had a very shy dog area. Anyhow, they tried to get her to put her dog on the big dog side but she said she just HAD to be on the small dog side. We felt a little bad for the Poodle. His tail was wagging and he just wanted to have fun. But his fun was a little more rough than the rest of the dogs. And he had one Lab he just wouldn't leave alone. He kept trying to hump the Lab and at one point squeezed so hard he made the Lab yelp. His name was Andre but she kept calling him "Poodle". A few times Andre tried to play with the smaller dogs and they just kept running from him scared. Yet the lady just smiled and would say, "Look, he wants to play!" I think they let her stay on the small dog side because she got there with only about 10 minutes left.

Man, some people just live in their own world. It reminds me of a quote on Cheers with Fraiser talking to Woody, "What color is the sky in your world, Woody?" LOL!