Monday, January 09, 2006

Flying to Boston

I've flown a lot, which is a good thing because now when the plane hits those bumps it doesn't bother me - I don't worry until the pilot tells the flight attendants to sit down. I flew to Boston in a 737-900, and I've flown this particular plane many times before. But I must have never sat this far back, 2nd to last row. When we took off, the engine noise was freakishly loud! It almost actually hurt. I was sooooo glad when we hit 10,000 feet and I could put my Bose noise canceling headphones on. These things are so amazing, I can't imaging flying ever again without them.

But my joy was short-lived. Went to turn on my iPod and found I must have left it on - no battery. ARGH!!! I decided to start-up my laptop and listen to it, which worked well. I turned it off after about an hour and a have because I wanted some battery left when I got to the hotel - I took it down to the restaurant with me and did some work getting the old BBB website to work without a webserver. I was tired anyhow and slept for almost two hours. I was feeling good when I woke, until I heard them announce, "1 hour and 40 minutes left." I must make sure my iPod is charged for the flight home.

Landed and I thought the pilot was trying to see if he could pop all of the tires at the same time. The weather was nice coming in, didn't seem like a lot of wind or anything. Even the flight attendants commented.

Then came my favorite part - hurry up and wait. It happens on every plane. We pull up to the gate, they turn off the seatbelt sign, and everyone stands up ready to go. And of course the people in the back start getting impatient and mad. From the time they turned off the seatbelt sign to when we were able to get off took a total of 10 minutes. Of course it seemed like 30, but it really wasn't that long. At least people stayed seated like they were supposed to until the sign was turned off.
All in all, a good flight, no problems.

Looking forward to the return flight - I was able to upgrade to 1st class! WOOHOO!!!