Wednesday, January 18, 2006

American Idol's Back!!

I'm not a big reality show fan, hate most of them. But I LOVE American Idol! Maybe it's because I'm a musician. Anyhow, last night was great fun! Loved the guy who came in dressed like the Statue of Liberty, sang about 2 notes and Simon told him to leave. LOL! He was probably one of those guys who only wants to get on TV or something, not someone who's serious about wanting to win this. Most of the time I do agree with Simon. He may be rude, but he's usually right on. When they get to the final 10, Paula is just too sicky sweet and nice. If it were me on stage, while I'd love to hear they can't think of anything bad to say, I would appreciate constructive criticism and some feedback on what I did wrong so I can fix it. Paula doesn't do that at all, just says, "You tried your best and you should be proud of that." Randy is in the middle, sometimes rude, sometimes too nice. My one wish for this show is that the sophomoric bickering between Ryan and Simon would stop. Actually, Simon has gotten better each year, with fewer and fewer jabs at Ryan. Ryan on the other hand was out of control last year! There were so many times I was fed up and just wanted to have a special Ryan mute. I think he's getting a big head. Before Idol, he was just a DJ. Now he's taken over for Casey Kasem doing America's Top 40, is now slated to take over for Dick Clarke doing the New Years thing, had a tv show (I actually liked it), and tons of other things. Ryan, you're not all that special. Grow up already! I'll be posting more about this show in the coming months, especially when they get down to the final 10.