Sunday, January 01, 2012

Restarting my Blog

2012.  A new year.  At the start of 2010 I tried to blog more and post a photo a day.  That worked for about 5 or 6 months and I got burnt out.  No one seemed to be reading my blog - or at least commenting - so I didn't see much reason to blog.  Between Facebook and Google+ I didn't see much reason to have a separate blog.

But I think I'm going to try again.  Christmas 2010 my wife bought me a very nice Sony a55 dslr that I'm enjoying a lot!  I went to a one day class learning how to use it and now feel quite comfortable shooting in manual! :)  A group I'm in on Facebook is doing a weekly photo challenge - photos starting with the letter "A", then "B" the next week, then "C", and so on.  I'm going to rename my blog to "Richtpt's Photography", post those photos here (as well as the Facebook group), some others I like, and maybe even any tidbits I find helpful with photography & photo editing (not that I'm great, just like to share).

To begin things here's the "A" for the week, I call it "Aftermath".

This is after our New Years Eve party.  I corrected the color in Lightroom but then decided I liked the look straight out of the camera better so I left it. 
1/25 sec
ISO 3200
no flash

Also, here's a photo from before the party began, Margarita's ready to be made.

1/40 sec
ISO 400
50mm prime
no flash

My wife bought me this prime lens for Christmas and I'm really loving it!  I like the bokeh look plus being able to lower the ISO to get less grainy.  It takes some getting used to not being able to zoom in or out, but I'm finding it fun!

SO, that's my restart of my blog!  I hope I can post some interesting stuff that people will like!  Thanks for dropping by!