Wednesday, February 28, 2007

How much toilet paper do you use?

This probably belongs in the TMI or WTF category, but that's what this blog is about, my mindless ramblings - and I think people will agree this is definitely mindless. :)

I like to not be wasteful of anything. Water, paper towels, electricity, even toilet paper, I like to use the minimum possible to get the job done. After seeing people in the bathroom grab a huge handful of paper towels to dry their hands off when probably half of those never got wet and were just wasted, I got to wondering about toilet paper - do people grab a TON of it like they do paper towels or just the right amount?

Do people grab one sheet? A set amount of sheets? A length that looks good? Pull off half the roll? Do they wrap it up in a ball? Fold it? Crumple it up? And how many times do you pull off a sheet/section? Once? Twice? Thrice? More? Of course all that got me to thinking what I do.

I realized I probably use more than I need. That's because I pull off enough to make sure it covers my hand cause I don't want my hand to get any on it (ewww!). (of course I do wash my hands, but still, eww!) And I do three or less wipes. I've decided while I don't really waste that much, I should try and use less.

We just bought some cool toilet paper for our kids. It has pictures of a puppy and paw prints on it. There will be several sheets of paw prints, then a puppy, several paw prints, then a puppy. The purpose is to teach them how much toilet paper to use - tear right after the puppy so you only have paw prints and a puppy. I looked at how much that is and it's a good amount, not too little, not too much. I think it's an excellent idea.

So, how much do you use?