Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Bad Customer Service

This last Sunday we were out shopping and decided to stop off at Old Chicago for an early dinner. We go there a lot, so we didn't expect to have such horrible customer service. This gal didn't pay much attention to us at all - actually not to any of her tables. We asked for a chocolate milk shake for Riley. She came back saying their ONE blender was broken so they couldn't do it. I doubt they have only one blender or even if they do that it was broken, but we ordered chocolate milk instead.

About 15 minutes went by with no chocolate milk and we only saw her a few times, she never came over to our table. Finally we asked someone else to check on Riley's chocolate milk and THEN she brought it. We also told her we'd both like a couple more beers and she said there's only one bartender so it's gonna be awhile. Ok. You're busy and short-staffed. You KNOW the bartender is taking awhile. Wouldn't you watch your tables for when their glasses were about half full and then ask if they want more instead of waiting until they are out? That way they would get another beer/drink shortly after they ran out (or maybe before) instead of waiting an extra long time.

We did notice that another waitress serving other tables was always checking on her tables, making sure they had enough, a party of nine sat down and ordered after us yet got their food before us, etc. Oh, and all of the tables around us where people got up and left were dirty. This other waitress was busy helping to clean the tables while our waitress was no where to be found. As we were getting ready to leave, she finally started cleaning and said to two other people working there, "Would one of you come get this stuff? It's time to earn your paycheck." We could NOT believe she said that in front of customers. She didn't sound mad, it just wasn't an appropriate thing to say.

I really hate it when you're having a good day, decide to go somewhere for a nice fun meal, and end up leaving ticked off because of horrible customer service. This gal wasn't out right rude, she just wasn't friendly, nice, didn't go out of her way to make our experience enjoyable.

I paid with a credit card and in the Tip section wrote "$00.01 - the service SUCKED!" Ya, I know that probably didn't do much to her, but it made me feel good. ;)